• RussKid (Colourful Wall / wine rack)


    “Russkid’s work engages the viewer with vibrant uplifting colours, free flowing organic lines and recurring motifs. Exploring the interplay between nature’s shapes and patterns, gives a dynamic movement to each artwork…”

  • Lifetime Sticky Fingers (Bunny paste-up characters)


    “Lifetime Sticky Fingers is a street artist from Melbourne who loves pasting and slapping his characters adventures around streets and alleys. Seen often with calm and malarkey and has just began Sticky Fingers Apparel Label…”

  • Callum Preston (PIZZA text)


    “Callum Preston is a freelance creative and local street artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Preston hails from Melbourne’s Everfresh Studio, nestled towards inner Collingwood. In any one week, or even any one day, Preston may work on a graphic design project, a mural, sign painting, interior design, construction, sculpture, videography, or illustration…”

  • Putos (Neon SPQR & Pizza Dude)


    “Putos most certainly has a style all his own – a culmination of years of infusing graffiti styles with modern pop cultural icons such as cartoons and anime, with a heavy dose of his own fantastical beastiary. His imagination touches on the love of the weird and wonderful, and his can skills are more than worthy of admiration…”